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    See your dream kitchen for FREE!

    With our FREE Design Service, you now have the opportunity to see your dream kitchen before you even spend a dime. To help with this process, we require all registered members of DIY Cabinetry to fill out the form provided and supply us with a sketch of your kitchen.

    NOTE: All information provided will only be used for the free service.

    How does it work?

    Sketch Your Kitchen

    Provide us with a detailed Sketch of your Kitchen. See below for complete guidelines!

    We Design

    From here we take your sketch and mock up your dream kitchen. If more information is needed, one of our designers will contact you to make sure we provide you with the best design possible!

    What We Provide

    We provide you with the final design and mock up that can be given to your contractor and installers. Each mock up will include a 3D visual of your kitchen as well as a list of initial items needed to execute the project.

    Note: It is the customers responsibility to provide accurate measurements for their kitchen project. DIY Cabinetry is not responsible for inaccurate measurements, that may lead to incorrect purchases or cabinets not aligning properly. We always recommend hiring a contractor when in doubt.

    Your Sketch
    What You Receive
    3D Model

    How to Sketch Your Kitchen

    Step 1: Measuring Your Space

    The first step is measuring your kitchen’s floor layout. Below is an example of a kitchen already measured without the grid lines. In this step you are making a map of your kitchen following the key to the right of the image. All measurements should be in inches. Make sure all measurements are exact.

    Step 2: Measuring your Door and Window Sizes


    This step is as simple as it sounds. Just measure the height and width of the doors in your kitchen. Keep in mind to include the trim of the door in the measurements.


    Same as above but only measuring windows instead of doors. Again remember to include the trim when measuring.

    Step 3: Ceiling & Construction

    In many kitchens the ceiling is uneven and can be different heights from one end to the other. When measuring, record the lowest point of your kitchen’s ceiling. If you have soffits in your kitchen and wish to keep them, make sure to measure their height and depth and to take note of them in the floor plan.

    Step 4: Measuring your Appliances

    Various appliances should be taken into account when measuring your kitchen. This allows us to build a kitchen around your appliances and provide a layout that accommodates them. Again make sure to measure accurately. 

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