Price Guarantee

Lowest Prices Guaranteed!

How to submit a claim

To file a claim you will need a written quote from another company that lists out the name of the company, shipping address and an itemized list of cabinets and parts to be ordered. Quotes can be submitted by emailing us at or by submitting them to your designer directly.

Terms and Conditions


Each quote will be thoroughly checked for authenticity. Please make sure the company’s name is visible on the quote or we will not be able to process your claim.


All prices should be clearly seen on the quote, including the shipping cost. In many cases companies will discount their products and up charge on shipping. Please be sure that the shipping destination is also included as shipping rates vary per destination.

One Time Discount

Only one claim can be filed per order. Claims must be filed before the order has been placed. No claims will be honored if they are submitted after the order has been placed.

Dated Quote

Since prices can vary week-to-week, each quote submitted must be from within the past 2 weeks of submission.

List Pricing

Our lowest price guarantee only applies to list priced items. Claims can not be submitted for items that have been discounted in any shape or form. This includes but not limited to: promotions, contractor pricing, closeout sales, free offers, clearance items and overstock deals.

*DIY Cabinetry reserves all rights to refuse any claim that does not abide with the terms and conditions laid out above and/or per our sole discretion. DIY Cabinetry reserves the rights to verify the authenticity of each quote and the final decision made for the the lowest price guarantee. The final decision on the price guarantee is solely in the hands of DIY Cabinetry.  

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