General Maintance

Bacic Information

  • All wood products tend to get damaged with quick temperature changes and excessive moisture.
  • Refrain from using dish soap, or harsh detergents when cleaning cabinet surfaces.
  • Dry all cabinet surfaces immediately with a soft, lint free cloth
  • Try to keep all cabinet surfaces dry at all times.

Basic Cleaning

  • After installation or for initial cleaning, use a soft, lint-free cotton cloth to clean all exterior and interior surfaces
  • We recommend using a blotting action rather than a wiping motion to achieve the best results when cleaning.
  • For regular and basic cleaning, use a soft lint-free cotton cloth dampened with a mild detergent or soap and warm water.
  • Remove all food spills and water spots immediately with your lint-free cotton cloth, to prevent moisture from absorbing into the cabinet surface.

Cleaning Glass Door Inserts

  • Always use a standard household glass cleaner with a soft, clean cloth.
  • Avoid the use of full strength Ammonia.
  • Preferably, apply cleaner to cloth rather than the glass when cleaning.
  • Try to avoid excess glass cleaner from running onto the cabinet and joints.
Dad and son cleaning in kitchen together

Tips and Things to Avoid 

  • Avoid leaving anything on the cabinets that can bleed into the cabinet finish (newspapers, magazines, etc.).
  • Avoid placing kitchen appliances where heat or steam is in direct contact with the cabinet surfaces.
  • Refrain from attaching towel racks to the interior of cabinet doors.
  • Avoid hanging wet or damp towels over cabinet doors.
  • inspect areas around the sink and dishwasher to ensure water and detergents do not dry on cabinet surfaces.
  • Double check the cleaner before using it on any cabinet surface. When in doubt, DO NOT USE IT.
  • Never use steel wool or abrasive pads to clean cabinet surfaces.
  • Do not leave damp cloth with cleaner on cabinet surfaces for any length of time.

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