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Cabinet Assembly Guides

Recommended Tools

The following tools are recommended by us and the manufacturer to assemble your cabinets. These are only recommendations and can be substituted with appropriate alternatives.  Please follow all safety measures and precautions when using high powered equipment.

Rubber Mallet

Wood Glue

Air Compressor

Senco SC1XP Senclamp Tool Crown 5/16 Pin

Spotnail Gun FFS-MICRO10

Brad Nailer with 3/4″ – 5/8″ 18 gauge nails

PDF Cabinet Assembly Guides & Videos

Below you will see assembly guides for most of the cabinets that we hold under each brand. In the spirit of DIY and making sure our homeowners have all the information they need to assemble their cabinets, DIY Cabinetry is constantly working on improving and providing more material for our customers to use!

J&K Video Assembly Guides

Lazy Susan Cabinet

Wall Diagonal Corner Cabinet

Wall Cabinet

J&K PDF Cabinet Assembly Guides
Additional Guides

Wall Cabinet

Base Cabinet

Corner Base Diagonal Cabinet

Base End Cabinet

Drawer Base


We will be adding to this list soon! Please email us if you need any specific cabinet guides. sales@diycabinetry.com

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