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What is a 10x10 Kitchen?

The 10’x10′ kitchen model is an industry standard when it comes to comparing price of different cabinets and styles. The 10’x10′ layout uses 12 standard items that would generally be used to build your kitchen. These items are listed below and do not include crown molding, decorative hardware, appliances, countertops or sink/faucets. Please note that this is only meant to help you get a general idea of what a particular cabinet line costs. Your design may involve more or less, based on the overall size of your kitchen and the cabinets that are selected.

When determining which cabinet line is cheaper, it is important to note that some companies list their 10’x10 prices without considering shipping and handling. Here at DIY Cabinetry, all our 10’x10′ estimates are included with shipping and handling in mind. The list below is the entire set of cabinets included in the 10’x10′ model. If you see a cabinet retailer including anything else, you will know that it is incorrect.

10'x10' Kitchen Includes:


Quantity Cabinet SKU Description
1 W3630 36” wide by 30” tall wall cabinet
1 W2430 24” wide by 30” tall wall cabinet
1 WDC2430 24” wide by 30” tall corner wall cabinet
1 W1230 12” wide by 30” tall wall cabinet
1 W3012 30” wide by 12” tall wall cabinet
1 W1830 18” wide by 30” tall wall cabinet
1 W3612 36” wide by 12” tall wall cabinet
2 B12 12” wide base cabinets
1 SB36 36” wide sink base cabinet
1 LS3612 36” wide corner Lazy Susan cabinet
1 B18 18” wide base cabinet
Please note that B12 is used twice in this model

Shop 10'x10' cabinets

Please note the quantity for each cabinet in the 10’x10′ model above. Below is S8 White Shaker numbers. Prices for other cabinet lines may will vary. Please use the SKU listed in the above tables or visit our shop pages to see the the 10’x10′ price of each cabinet line.

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